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Heresy, Orthodoxy, and Aphrodite

I find the modern pagan notion of orthodoxy very amusing. Typically when you talk about your average belief for a Hellenic polytheist, you’re talking about classic age Athens. There’s a lot of variance in Greek Religion depending on the time and place. The people of classic Athens worship, believe, and understand a lot differently than… Continue reading Heresy, Orthodoxy, and Aphrodite


Healing, enchantment, and the mundane

I work in the medical veterinary industry. I’m not a doctor, and my work is often menial. I hold animals, I cut pills, I mix medicine. People often talk about looking for divinity in your work, and amusingly enough, it’s hard to remember I’m healing animals, something potential sacred to Apollo, Bast, and Anubis. Healing… Continue reading Healing, enchantment, and the mundane

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UPG vs. Living Religion

I have a problem with the term “UPG”. Meaning “unverified personal gnosis”, it refers to ideas about deities and divinity that aren’t verified, such as “Aphrodite loves offerings of mountain dew”. However, I think it’s not only overused, but an irrelevant word, or at least a misnomer. I think it speaks a lot to how… Continue reading UPG vs. Living Religion

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Queerness in Divinity

On the subject of relationships between men and women in divinity, libraries have been written. Beyond standing for a relationship, we often account man/woman pairings to fertility, natural phenomena, and complimentary opposites. For heterosexuality, the world turns, children are born. Often in nature based faiths without an explicit LGBT inclusivity focus, this leaves some feeling… Continue reading Queerness in Divinity