Practical Practice

Doing What You Can

So I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not easy sticking with any religion at first, much less Hellenismos. When you dive into it it seems so daunting; There are rules and information that everyone else seems to just know. You look at all the gods, goddesses, personifications, entities, and all number of deities to worship and become so very overwhelmed. Even when you do have a shrine and/or altar you never know if you’re doing it right because everyone else seems to have something better, bigger, and more ornate than yours. I’ve been there¬†before, I know.

Don’t let that feeling get you down, whatever you do. The Theoi don’t require a statue or incense or long-winded hymns. What they want you to do is whatever you can manage. This may be anything from an ornate outdoor shrine to a small trinket and an electric candle. All you are required to do is give what you can.

The most importantly to remember is to just do it. No matter how small it may seem you have to get into the habit of remembering to worship them. Trust me, this makes all the difference. You may not have all the words for a beautiful poem now, but later on, if you keep going, they’ll come to you.

I could ramble on about this but I think I’m leaving it there. I hope this is helpful!

Theoi bless~



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