Paganism Undercover

Paganism in a Christian Household

I was going to make a single post, but it works better as a series. It’s an issue that I’ve seen countless people try and be semi-successful at, but I want to be more comprehensive in the matter. So, here’s my first post in the series: Shrines.

Not to be confused with altars, shrines are defined as a small, designated space designed to honor a specific deity/spirit/godform. While this may seem hard in a christian household, it’s actually the easiest to pull off. Assuming you have a good idea of your deity/spirit/godform, all you need to do is set aside little objects that make you think of them. This may seem daunting but I bet you have more relevant objects to your deity than you think. Also, any passing mother thinks it’s just decoration that you put up. This makes worshiping a whole lot easier when you have a visual.

I haven’t decided what next week will be but stay tuned!

Theoi Bless,



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