Modern Day Theoi

One of the most important aspects of my religion is being a revivalist. While I think we do need to look to ancient hellas to define in what manner the Theoi should be worshiped,  I think we do not worship precisely the same deities. Just as people change over time, I propose that so do the Theoi. They world they preside over now is not the world they did, and I think we should fit our worship accordingly. I think putting them in the setting of the modern world is the highest form of flattery.

I have seen a lot of people do this actually, and through this many “UPGs” have been formed and almost certified throughout the community. One of the most common (and surely most useful) is that Hermes is the god of the internet. This makes sense in many ways; The internet in it’s formative days was called the “information superhighway”, it is languages coming together to understand each other (mainly coming there at English). Trolls are so prolific in the internet and so core to it’s culture, I would argue that that is the domain of Hermes also. Intentionally making people mad on the internet is a great utilization of language skills and really sticks with the thievery spirit of Hermes.

The other most common modern interpretation of a god has to be Dionysus being the god of gender and transgender people. This one has a little more foundation in myth, he was raised as a female for the first part of his life. He is also seen as the god of transformations, which is truly what a gender change is.

I could go on and on once you’ve got me started. Apollo and Artemis as the patrons of boy and girl scouts respectively is another one of my favorites. But the point is that the Theoi are alive. They live in our laptops, in our blogs, in our daily commute. They are modern society and we should honor them as such.


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