Paganism in a Christian Household: Cleansing

Cleansing is something I see a lot of people neglect. Whether you’re an eclectic witch or a recon Hellenist, cleansing your space is important. It gets rid of bad energies, unwanted intents, and makes way for your own to prevail. It makes your area clean and closer to your gods. No matter what your path, cleansing is important. There are many ways of cleansing, and even more if you have to get creative, as many who have to be in hiding. So, naturally, I’ll only be able to touch on a few.

I’ll admit right here, your lovely blogger has been terrible at consistently cleansing. But, through this, I’ve learned quite a bit about cleansing the space when need be. My favorite method so far is rosemary. Rosemary is a hearty herb, it’s been known to survive in the snow. In (at least) America it has many properties, including purifying. In an ideal world, I would dry bundles and smudge like one does with sage. Sadly for me (and likely you reader), I cannot burn entire bundles of any herb. So, we move to a more practical solution. I burn the stems; they dry like twigs and go up pretty well. It produces a light smoke that smell pretty good.

However this does smell like smoke, and not everyone can have that. Nor does everyone grow rosemary in their backyard (though I think they should). So, a second option is to use the store bought rosemary and sprinkle it on your space. Then in a bit (anywhere from 15 minutes to a whole day) sweep/vacuum it up. This should leave the space feeling nice and clean.

There’s so much to write on this subject, but I’ll leave you at that. Good luck!

Theoi Bless



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