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Keep yourself a little reminder

Something that is hard for me, among other recovering monotheists, is a lack of personal relationship with our gods. While I do have a relationship, it’s not to the same degree as with Christianity. Coming from a religion that nearly requires a deeply emotional personal relationship with a god to one that can be admittedly mundane is sort of rough. However I think that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. High emotion and ecstatic rituals is only one way to interact with the higher powers. Mundane, everyday rituals have also empowered me in my gods. It is hard at first to think that just a few words everyday can match up to the high energy Sunday mornings I came from. Sometimes, it still is hard. But with every day, every incidentally memorized line, I feel closer. When you see something in a store and think “This would look great on my Hermes shrine”, it starts to become easier. The trick is to remind yourself every day that your gods are here, with you.

There is, also, something to be said for Euesbia (piety, loyalty). She is both a concept and a goddess, as most of our concepts seem to be. The spirit of Piety is something we strive for, and she gifts us when we give to her. These reminders, these everyday rituals, are a fantastic way to build Piety. Some argue (well read and versed) that Piety is a foundation of hellenic polytheism, and I agree. It’s not something we can learn word for word, chapter by chapter however. We learn through watching others display their piety. We learn through asking our gods what they want, thinking of them, giving in their name. Through these things, we get better.

So friends who are struggling to find the emotion in their gods, I urge you, start small. Give to your gods. Think of them in your day. Memorize a short verse even. I promise that through this, you can find peace.


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