Practical Practice

Making time for your gods everyday

I am nearing a year of being a hellenic polytheist. It has been an adventure and a half, and I have learned so much. One of the most important things I learned should have been obvious. You need to include your deities in every day. They need to have a place in your daily lives.

This is harder than it seems. When you’re starting out, you want to dive right into all of it. While this enthusiasm is admirable, it soon fizzles out as you realize how hard it actually is. New habits are always slow to build, and worshiping a new deity or perhaps deities in general is in fact a habit.

So start slowly. Prayers are, in my opinion, vital. I use a set of morning and evening prayers, modeled after these two. This is not the only thing you can begin with however. Devotional acts are far more dear to me than prayers. For Aphrodite, I wash my face every day. I try to compliment one person a day. I strive to act in compassion and understanding. For Hermes, I go on walks. For Hestia, I keep my house (relatively) clean. You don’t need to do all these things at once, I started with just one. Then, once it becomes a habit, you build off of it.

If you still don’t know where to start, I recommend this article which talks about “slacker paganism”, a format for building an everyday practice.

Good luck, give yourself room for error, and keep love and devotion in your heart.


4 thoughts on “Making time for your gods everyday

  1. You are absolutely right that a slow build is the way to go. I like how you mentioned washing your face for Aphrodite. I have a small ritual for her too. Whenever I put on my perfume, I always offer a squirt just to her, and say, “Hail Aphrodite.” Those little devotional acts can be incredibly powerful.


  2. I really need to remember this. I keep worrying that I’m doing something wrong or what I’m doing isn’t good enough, so I don’t do anything.


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