Bast · hellenic-kemetic

Finding Bast

As I plunge into kemetic polytheism,the hardest part is not the fundamental ideas. No, it’s the pantheon that’s giving me trouble.

Unlike the hellenic pantheon, the kemetic pantheon is a little…squishy. The deities’ domains overlap, are unclear, morph, all number of things in that manner. The hellenic pantheon is comparatively easy, the olympians can compile a near-complete view of the universe. So, naturally, digging myself into kemeticism was a little hard.

A few deities helped me out a little. Thoth gave me some wisdom for a time. But then there was Bast. I didn’t know what her domain was, but I did know that there was some sort of attraction. From what I could gather in the community, she was a protectress, related to the home and women but not quite the goddess of either. To my hellenic trained mind, that didn’t make sense. But she’s there none the less. So I’ve gotta do something.

Reading. Research. The first step in any polytheistic journey. I found city names, histories, related deities, ancient practices. But nothing clicked. Back to the drawing board.

Practice. The next step. The trickier one. My ADHD makes it so hard to practice regularly, and I know already that the kemetic deities demand that. I’d eat more than I should, forgetting that the meal was supposed to be an offering. I felt embarrassed, ashamed that I’m a bad polytheist.

So here’s an extra piece of toast for you Bast. I think I need some protection. I hope I can find whatever you see in me.


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