hellenic-kemetic · Practical Practice

Dining with Deities

Mealtimes have, throughout any religion I’ve been in, been significant. It seems to be universal to be grateful for the food you get, and to invite divinity to your meal. It boasts the ideal of hospitality (xenia), sharing all you have.

I’ve talked about offerings before. Kemetic you eat, Hellenic you dispose. However personally I see mealtimes as different. Inviting your gods to your meal, and taking a minute for meditation is a different thing altogether. This isn’t ritual, this is casual. You’re offering your deities a place at your table, letting them share in your enjoyment. You’re letting them have the substance they desire from your food, as long as you still have food.

Breakfast is my offering meal. Mainly bread mixed with my desire to be alone makes it a good time to think and contemplate. Large friendly dinners with friends also bring the deities to my mind.

Really, it’s how you can practice. If you can do rituals, dispose of offerings, great. If not, you can always invite your deities to your meal.

As always, do what you can.



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