The Thin Line Between Love and Madness

I think the idea of “both” is hard for people to hear. Whenever tumblr shows me a popular post about Aphrodite, 9/10 the post reads “don’t forget she has a light/dark side!”. Talking about unexplored aspects of Aphrodite is good, but the word “sides” is a bit reductive. Discussing her “light” or “dark” aspects can… Continue reading The Thin Line Between Love and Madness

Aphrodite · Poetry and Prose

Dearest Aphrodite, My goddess, my lady, Adorned in pearls, throned in gold My lovers speak your name as they cry out in ecstacy They know you in between my thighs.  And I see your radiance as I’m taken to your heights Let my lovers know it’s you, it’s you, it’s you It’s always you