How the Greeks fucked up the netjeru – sort of

When anyone begins serious, recon-based research into the kemetic gods paradigm busting is often preceded by “The greeks interpenetrated this deity as…” and the phrase normally ends with a neo-wiccan stereotype. If you’re aiming for straight Kemetic Polytheism, this is a misconception that needs to be changed in order to properly respect the deities. But… Continue reading How the Greeks fucked up the netjeru – sort of

Bast · hellenic-kemetic

Finding Bast

As I plunge into kemetic polytheism,the hardest part is not the fundamental ideas. No, it’s the pantheon that’s giving me trouble. Unlike the hellenic pantheon, the kemetic pantheon is a little…squishy. The deities’ domains overlap, are unclear, morph, all number of things in that manner. The hellenic pantheon is comparatively easy, the olympians can compile… Continue reading Finding Bast